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Defending your business from malware and other digital threats

No business should be without cyber security. With new threats emerging all the time and hackers making millions from cyber crime, every organisation needs to be prepared.

We’re dedicated to protecting our clients – arming them with powerful security technology and the knowledge to stay ahead of the criminals.

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How Secure Is Your Business?

If anyone tells you they have 100% effective cyber security, they’re not being completely honest. But while you can’t ever achieve perfection, you can substantially reduce your risks. How? With the right mix of training, technology and support. Here are just a few things you’ll need to consider.

Software Patching & Updates

Hackers often look for weaknesses in software, which they can exploit. When these exploits are found, software companies will usually release updates to defend against them – but in most cases it’s up to users to install them. 

If you’re not keeping your software up to date, you’re putting your business at risk.

Modern Technology

Hardware manufacturers don’t support their products forever, so older security solutions may not be effective against the latest threats. An old firewall, for example, could be providing you less protection than you think. 

When was the last time you had an IT audit to test your security hardware?

Security Awareness

Human error is a leading factor in successful cyber attacks. All it takes is for one person in your business to make a mistake, and you could find yourself facing a major security breach before you know it. 

How much do your people know about cyber security, and are they following best practice guidelines?

Defensive Technology

As well as a range of cyber security services, TMB Group provides business-class security hardware, including firewalls and secure data storage. 

Any hardware we deploy is thoroughly tested and configured to offer maximum benefit to our customers. 

TMB Group: A Security-First Company

What does it mean to be a security-first business? For TMB Group, it means always taking cyber security into account, no matter what service we’re providing for our customers.

So whether we’re installing news servers, upgrading Windows or installing new network equipment, we make sure you’re aware of any security implications. And if we see any security weaknesses in your business, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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