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TMB Group Tips For IT Users

Save time and effort with TMB Group Tips! Look out for more videos, coming soon.

How To Recover Deleted Files From A Network Drive

Find out how you can use ‘shadow copies’ to get back data you’ve deleted. 

How To Reset Your Own Office 365 Password

You don’t need to call your IT team to reset your password. Just follow this guide, and you can do it yourself.

10 Simple Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Microsoft Word is packed with handy shortcuts. Here are ten of of our favourites.

TMB Group Tips For Pegasus Software

More TMB Group Tips, but these are all about getting more from Pegasus solutions, such as Opera 3.

Using Views to Analyse Data in Opera 3

Get more from your Opera 3 data, by using views to analyse it. 

How To Back Up Opera 3 Data

Making backups in Opera 3 is easy if you know what you’re doing. In this video we explain how it works. 

How To Restore Opera 3 Data

So you made backups. Now it’s time to get them back. And that’s what this TMB Group Tips video is all about. 

Other Videos

Service descriptions, educational explainers and so on – you’ll find them all here.

What Is The Dark Web?

When hackers want to sell stolen data, they turn to the dark web. Why? And what can you do to protect yourself?

5 Ways To Spot A Phishing Email

It’s not always easy to spot fraudulent emails. This video illustrates a few telltale signs that could save your skin. 

TMB Group Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data loss and downtime can be hugely damaging for businesses. With disaster recovery, you’re covered for the worst.